Month: March, 2016

Taurus Commissions Presents “Bionic Secret Agent”

The workout of a bionic secret agent is interupted by a job. Irritated she takes out some of her frustrations on the target and uses her enhance abilities to give him a workout of his own before taking him into custody.

6:00 long

Available here for $8.99

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Stacey the secretary arrives home to find her boyfriend in the midst of being unfaithful. After he callously ends their relationship on the spot. Things take a turn for the worst for her unfaithful parter and his new fling as stacey uses her new found powers to teach them a lesson in respect. But will her compassion cost her dearly as she unwittingly unleashes another super-powered young woman into the world….

Available here for $9.99




A few people asked for some previews/trailers so thought I’d test the water bu uploading some teaser clips from a few older releases