For those asking we are still going after the sad closure of the message-board. We are now also running a mailing list and previous customers should receive an email from our newsletter. If you haven’t yet (check your spam/junk folders) Please drop me an email and we can get you added. We’ll be sharing exclusive content this way in the future as well.

As for our latest release.

Two powerful “Paladins” Meet up to discuss terms. However much to the shock of the cock young man he discoveres his female collegue has ammased power that far exceeds his. As they’re meeting turns into a demonstration of her strength he finds himself of the wrong end of a tough deal.

Available here for $9.99

Contains. TL, Back of the neck lift, Telekinesis, Mind control, Telekinesis Lift, Car lift, Super-breath,  Invulnerability, Bullet invulnerability, Neck Break, Arm Wrestle

and remember if you’d like a custom made movie of your own please feel free to get in touch