Month: September, 2018


Another superhero themed commission.

While Kara sips coffee at home she hears a robbery with her super hearing. Declaring its a Job for superwoman she transforms into the might heroine and sets off to teach the three criminals a lesson. One they will not soon forget as they throw everything they can at her but are no match for her incredible powers.

14 Minutes long.

Available here for $14.99

Special FX: Double TL, Lift by ears, Invulnerability, Bullet invulnerability, Explosion Invulnerability, Inhaling gas, Superbreath, Super suction breath, Destroy Gun, Steel bend. Wrist crush, Extended flight, Transformation, Super hearing,

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A bit of an Epic commission and great project for the summer. Superwoman – The Beginning is here.

When a young woman is woken by incredible things happening to her she is put on a voyage of self discovery where she transforms into an Iconic and powerful superheroine. While juggling real life and being a superhero she must also battle a powerful enemy who has her eyes set on our hero. Follow the Journey of our heroine portrayed by 3 different actors across 3 different stages of her life in our epic new movie.

41 minutes long!!

Available here for 20.99

Contains: Multiple TL’s Lift under armpits, one finger Lift, Headlift and crush. Superbreath and Superbreath inhalation, Laser eyes, X-ray Vision, Multiple metal bend, superspeed, Super jump, super landing, Transformations. Flight sequence. Invulnerability, Hand Crush.

Remember if you’d like a custom made movie of your own please feel free to get in touch