Month: December, 2018


Wonder Woman continues her investigation into the evil organisation by trying to find out the orign of the super serum. She finds two soilders under the influence of the power serum and decides to use her wits to extract information before turning into wonder woman and over powering the two men completely.

Contains TL, Double Lift, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Bullet proof Bracelets,  Super speed, Bar Bending, Steel Invulnerability, Hand Crush, Double Hand Crush, Lasso of Truth, Transformation, Break Handcuffs, Super Hearing.

14 Minutes 30 Available here for $14.99

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When Lisa drops in on her ex-boyfriend and his new partner she has a few things to say about their previous relationship. It turns out she’s been working out and is now something of a super-human. After telling stories of her power and dominance she demonstrates her strength by dominating and humiliating them as they try and subdue her.

18 Minutes Long. Available here for $13.99

Contains: Outfit Reveal, Arm-wrestle, Crush Class, Invulnerability, Break handcuffs, Test of strength with chain, Hand crush, Metal invulnerability, Bullet invulnerability, Knife invulnerability, Bend Knife, Bend steel, Crush Gun, 2 TL’s. Strength story telling.