Month: January, 2019


Two armed robbers are holed up after a paticularly cruel robbery. Bragging about their deeds. When a seemly normal woman wanders to their hideout they try to see her off before she reveals her true Identity and decides to use her might and powers to teach the two men a lesson.

19 minutes long available here for $16.99

Contains: TL, Back of the neck lift. Nervous system. Single finger body freezing and manipulation. Transformation. Super-strength, Invulnerability, Multiple super-speed and  punch dodging. Easy punch blocking, Single finger strength, Superbreath, Lift on bar.

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A bit of a darker take on the girl power genre with this new super powered commission.

When supergirl drops in to stop a known villainess she sees it as a run of the mill visit. However the Villainess has a secret weapon which transfers all of the heroines powers into her. She sets about showing off her mighty strength on the heroine. From easily deflecting her blows to lifting her up and down like a dumbell. At the end of the encounter we wonder what step the heroine will take next…

22 Minutes Long Available here for $17.99

Contains. 3 x Tl. Bearhug Lift, Back of the neck/hair lift. Overhead Lift (CGI) Lifting up and down (reps) within lift. Multiple super strength, Hand crush, Invulnerability, Power transfer, Bar Bending, Wrench bending, Steel invulnerability, Super-breath, Lifting with super-breath, Earthquake caused by stamp, Glass crushing invulnerability, Unbreakable grip, Resurrection super power.




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Contains. TL, Chin Lift, Super-breath, Invulnerability, Hand crush, Bullet invulnerability, Single finger crush.