Month: March, 2019


Amazing new model features in the brand new commission.

When an arrogant man orders a personal training session her gets more than he bargained for when an incredibly strong young woman appears to deliver the session. Halfway through she revelas her alterego and continues to use her superpowers to teach him a lesson.

16 minutes long Available here for $16.99


TL, Collar Lift, Back of the shirt lift, Lifting “reps”, Invulnerability, Superbreath, Superstrength, Transformation, Multiple steel bending, Lifting weights, Hand crush, Single finger and little finger strength, Boot crush, Super speed, Bearhug.



When two secret agents are lured to a mysterious location they find themselves locked in a room with an extremely powerful adversary. She toys with the two agents, demonstrating her mighty strength and the agents fight valiantly to subdue her. At the end of the conflict the two decide to take something to even the odd leaving out tale on a little cliffhanger……..

Contains: 2 TL’s, Double TL, Multiple super-strength, Multiple Bar Bends, Multiple Invulnerability, Hand Crush, Bullet invulnerability, Knife invulnerability and bend, Single finger strength.

17 Minutes long. Available here for $16.99

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A young woman turns up to a meeting with with her personal training client. After the man is very mean to her she finds an artefact that grants her incredible powers. After testing them out she decides to continue her session and teach the man a few more lessons and using him as part of her workout.

Contains. TL, Back of the Neck Lift, Shirt lifts, Finger lifts, Workouts with the man, Extended bar bend, Multiple super-breath, Invulnerability, Hand crush, Super-speed, Power discovery, Transformation, Super-strength, CGI Overhead Lift,

15 minutes long

Available here for $15.99