Month: April, 2019


This awesome series of commissions comes to an end but don’t worry. Wonder woman will be back in a new adventure. In the meantime enjoy “Wonder Woman – Solved”

Diana Prince finally tracks down the Tenron organisation to thier secret headquaters. After a short scuffle with the guard on the door she enters the facility transforming into the heroine wonder woman before using her powers to dispatch the last of the corrupt organisation and discover the location of the stock pile of the Serum.

15 Minutes Long Available here for $15.99

Contains. Chin Lift, Lift By the Tie, Double hand crush, Multiple super speed, Finger strength, Wrist grab, Super strength,  Metal Bend, Knife Bend, Invulnerability, Super-speed Punch Dodge, Bullet deflection, Pin down with boot, Lasso of truth, Super hearing, Transformation, Wonder woman sound FX,

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Two Keepers of a mysterious artefact are ambushed by an incredibly powerful and mystical woman. They try their best to fight her off and protect the artefact but is the woman’s immense strength too much?

Contains: 2 Tl’s, Collar Lift, Double TL, Finger strength, Invulnerability, Super-breath, Multiple mind control, Hand crush, Test of strength,

11 Minutes 30 seconds. Available here for $12.99

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