Month: May, 2019


A fun new commission brings us a great new costume.

When a young woman falls asleep reading her favourite comic book she awakens to find herself dressed in the costume and somehow endowed with the heroines powers. Just then two armed men enter her appartment and begin to attack her. She takes the oppourtunity to show off her mighty powers dispatching the men and their backup.

Contains 2 x TL, Collar lift, Double Lift, Feats of strength, Superbreath, Heat Vision, Invulnerability, Metal invulnerability, Hand Crush, Explosion Invulnerability, Metal Bending, Transformation, Extended Costume reveals, Boot strength, Finger Strength.

20 minutes Long available here for $16.99


Popular release from the start of the year has its sequel.

Supergirl re-enters the lair of the powerfull villainess who previously stole her powers. She has a cunning plan to steal her powers back and after a one sided fight she eventually manages to activate her trap. She gains her powers back but discovers that her nemesis in not nearly as weak as she had thought.

19 minutes 30 seconds

Available here for 17.99

Contains TL, Lift by the face, Collar Lift, Lift by the arms, Super strength, Hand crush, Test of strength, Multiple super-breath, Laser Vision, Transformation, Bar bend, Invulnerability, Finger strength, Crush with boot,

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While out for a relaxing afternoon in a park a young woman is startled by a mysterious artefact falling from a tree. After picking it up she wakes up after a bright flash of light. She discovers she has been given incredible powers and quickly decides to test them out. Sometime later while walking home she hears a breaking. She transforms herself into a superheroine before deciding to teach the would be theif a lesson about her and her powers.

Available here for 15.99


TL, Single finger lift, Power Discovery, Lift tree, Super speed, Slo mo super-speed sequence, Superbreath, Superstrength, Bar invulnerability, Knife invulnerability, Bullet invulnerability, Hand Crush, Super Jump, Transformation, Short Flying Sequence, Heat. Vision, Ice Breath. Xray Vision, Gun crush

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