Month: November, 2019


A sneaky double agent comes home from work to find himself confronted with accusations of his bad deeds. When he challenges the woman back he finds himself well over powered as the woman uses her incredible powers and superior strength to extract the information she wants.

17  minutes Long. Available here for $14.99


TL, Collar Lift, Back of the neck lift, Finger lift, Hand crush, Invulnerability, Bar bending, Super breath inhale and exhale, Transformation, Super strength, Unmovable, Arm Wrestle, Bullet invulnerability.


When a curious young reporter follows a lead about a corrupt company she stumbles on a mysterious and powerful woman. When she discovers she is locked in the house with a confused, angry and superpowered woman things take a sinister turn as she ends up in a fight for her life as the woman discovers her new strengths at her expense. But things aren’t what they seem.

14 Minutes 30 Available here for $10.99

Contains: 2 TL’s, Collar Lift, Back of the neck lift, Super strength, invulnerability, Hand Crush, Bullet invulnerability, super-breath, Laser vision, power transfer, finger strength.

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