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When Diana prince uncovers the devios schemes of the villainess Catra, She transforms into Wonder Woman and sets out to capture her and stop the plan. But Catra has some tricks up her sleve. Using a powerful gas to weaken the heroine she knocks her down with her enhanced strength and keeps her pinned with a powerful device that sapps her energy further. As Catra leaves Wonder Woman struggles against the device before summoning enough strength to break the bonds before giving catra a taste of her own medicine.

16 Minutes Long. Available here for $11.99

Contains. 2 TL’s, Superbreath, Bullet invulnerability, Super strength, Hand crush, Invulnerability, Bar Bending, Knife invulnerability, Knife bending, Super breath, Transformation, Wonder woman sound FX, Struggle against Gas and Device.

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As we look to get back to shooting under new safety guidelines here’s a fun new release. Some fun experimentation in this weeks movie.

Two bounty hunters clash when they both find themselves after the same price. A mysterious and powerful ring. After losing the initial exchange she uses her cunning to get hold of the ring first but even she could not have imagined the power that it grants her. After putting it on she quickly sets to demonstrating her powers on her rival.

17 minutes 20. Available here for $14.99

Contains: TL, Jacket Lift, Multiple super-breath, Super strength, Invulnerability, Multiple bullet invulnerability, Stop car, push car, Hand crush, Laser vision, Transformation, Bar ben, Real fight sequence, super speed, Super foot stomp,

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Another one from the vaults as an older short gets it release.

Following on from the events of the struggle. Mary Marvel is hunting for her friend Supergirl. Her quest takes her to the house of a mysterious woman who was last scene with the heroine. After a short interogatoin Mary Marvel discovers the woman has assumed supergirls powers and is incredibly powerful. Mary Marvel must first fight for her life before she can think about saving her friends.

11 Minutes long. Available here for $10.99

Contains: TL, Lift by the arms, Back of the neck lift. Invulnerability, Superbreath, Bar Bending, Laser vision, Hand Crush, Test of strength, Transformations.



First from a few older shoots new reaching general release. A commission from a while back with some nice extended sequences and some favourite models.

Two flatmates have a good natured discussion about their physiques and things get a bit tense as they have a little armwrestle to workout who might be the strongest. Eventually they discover there is more to both of them that meets the eye and a full super-powered brawl ensues.

Contains: Extended TL’s, Extended Arm wrestling, Extended Superbreath, Superbreath battle, Hand crush, Fighting, Flexing, Super hand clap, super foot stomp.

12 minutes 30 Available here for $8.99


This weeks new commission brings an awesome new model.

A promising young scientist is visited by the bank. The man has come to seize some property however when she reveals her super serum in a bid to turn him away he takes it instead. Scared of what she might have unleashed she decides to take the much stronger prototype she had previously made up. With her new found superpowers and costume she decides to teach the bailiff a lesson.

21 minutes 40 seconds

Available here for $14.99

Contains: TL, Collar lift, Lift by ear, Chair lift, One finger chair balancing, Belt lift, Superbreath inhale and exhale, Heat vision, Hand crush, Invulnerability, bullet invulnerability, Bar bending, transformation, Crush with body, crush with boot, Bar strangle, Transformation, super jump.

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New release bing a cool new super-powered effect

When a woman storms into the house of someone she suspets of having an affair with her husband she gets more than she bargined for as the superstrong woman throws her around effortlessly. After several rounds of punishment she eventually forces the woman to break it off with her husband. As she sends the woman of a change suddenly happens as she taps into some unknown power of her own and gets a bit of her own back.

Available here for $12.99

Contains: TL, Back of the neck Lift, Collar lift, Overhead Lift, Invulnerability, Super-strength, Hand crush, Crush with Legs, Head Crush, Transformation.