Month: June, 2019


A young woman has the roomate from hell and often uses her VR computer game for some imaginative relief. Portraying a superpowered heroine she punishes his in various different ways. When he discovers her game however he becomes upset and the young woman is forced to reveal that not all of the game was fake.

16 minutes long available here for $14.99

Contains, 2 TLs, Collar Lift, Lift by the belt, Invulnerability, Hand Crush, Bar Bend, Strangle with bar, Super-breath, Finger Strength, Boot Crush.

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A popular story line gets a reboot with 2 popular actors in our new commission.

Supergirl enters the home of an infamous villainess to stop her detonating bombs and killing innocent people. Supergirl is able to easily subdue the villainess with her powers but the villainess has a trick up her sleeve. Transferring the heroines powers to herself. The Villain then uses the woman’s own powers agains her to devastating effect before finally stealing her iconic costume.

18 minutes 30 seconds long Available here for 16.99

Contains: Multiple TL’s, Lift by arms, Multiple super breath, Multiple Invulnerability, Super-speed, Super-strength, Inhale poison gas, Multiple Bar bend, Bullet invulnerability, Steel Invulnerability, Power Transfer, Laser Vision, Costume Stealing, Multiple hand crush.

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Fun little release to start the weekend.

A powerful heroine is out for a morning workout when she intercepts a police radio signal. She decides to take some time out for her workout to teach the young criminal a lesson.

11 minutes long

Available here for $12.99

Contains. Superspeed, Super hearing, Stop car with body, Door rip. Super strength, Punch Invulnerability, Bullet Invulnerability, Bullet catch with teeth, Superbreath inhale, Superbreath Exhale, Lift by foot, TL, Colar Lift, Gun Crush.

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